A trip to the African continent

A trip to Africa, is on many travellers bucketlist. For many people in the different countries, the continent seems majestic and mysterious yet dangerous as well as unknown.

A lot of what we know about the African continent is what media portrays, a land of free roaming lions, giraffes and poverty. Yet, Most of Africa’s destination are highly developed.
Africa-satellite-mosaic-image Travelers all over the world have shared their experiences and their wonders of Africa, with others eager to travel and exploring the beautiful continent. The continent boast with wildlife, wilderness as well as culture and history.

Yet many who do decide to visit the African continent are stuck with the question – WHERE TO STAY? WHEN TO GO and WHAT TO PACK?

When to start planning your trip to Africa?

If you decide to visit, plan your safari adventure way in advance. A few months before to ensure availability at a time convenient to you.

(If you are planning to travel during the Southern Africa safari in high season during the months of July through October).

What is the cost?

Most African safaris are tailor made. This is to fit the timeframe as well as budget of the traveller. Low season, you might get great deals, while high season, might get a bit prices.

 How safe is it to travel to Africa?

The African continents biggest rival is the international media that represent forty-six African countries as a single entity and not as unique and individual countries with their own characteristics.

Where and when will your next destination be? Comment and share!