Witnessing the Big Five in Africa

The lion is an extraordinary creature that depicts a typical figure as being capable, fearless, respectable and have been included on different images, for example, family photos, crests and National banners/flags.

As indicated by old stories, lions were found in Greece, through Eastern and Northern region of India.

Today a small population of can be found in India. In past times the lions for the most part lived in Africa, and are bound to the sub-Saharan area.

lionsMost lion species are living on a very singular bases, yet these animals are exemptions, it has built up a framework which depends on collaboration and a division of work inside the pride. The nearby family are based on a gathering of females who are connected and the normal pride will comprise of lions, which incorporates five to ten females with their offspring and three males that are typically siblings or were in one pride.

Known for being the “Ruler” inside the wild, having both excellence and quality. Developed lions will have one of a kind thick dark brown man, that are around their necks.

Their eating routine comprises of devouring an extensive assortment of prey, for example, wildebeest, impalas, zebras, giraffes and bison.

Their population in Africa has decreased by half of its population since the 1950s and today there aren’t  many left with just 21 thousand staying within the African continent.

Did you know? Lions used to live within most of the regions in Africa and can now be found with the Sub-Saharan Africa and in the Southern and the Eastern parts of Africa.

Lions are the most social creatures within the Felidae family and they generally in substantial gatherings which is called prides.