The Big 5 Safari Of Your Dreams

On the lookout for the Big 5? Look no further than South Africa. Offering a great deal of impressive adventures, one of these is the popular Big Five safari.

For a holiday of a different kind, venture straight to South Africa.
Amongst the many adventures you will find, one the most popular is the Big 5 safari. Game reserves abound across South Africa and a large number of of them proudly provide a home for the Big 5.

Animals live in harmony, at one with nature. Big 5 game reserves welcome potential customers with the call of the wild and the extravagance of the best relaxation. International and local holidaymakers flock to reserves to look for the Big Five. In addition to the Big 5, there are various other animals to be found. Do not be surprised to find great hippos in the water, beside the giant eland or giraffes roaming the plains with zebras and wildebeest in their midst. Amongst all these spellbinding creatures are the Big 5.

Originally alluding to the five wild animals regarded as a challenge to hunt, the term today carries a different meaning. It now refers to wild animals which vacationers staying in reserves or national parks search for during safari. The lion is one of the members of the Big Five. Lions are only active for around eight hours each day, hence the term lazy lion.

African buffalo are usually observed in herds, together with the young calves prancing between the legs of the elders where they can be shielded from danger. The mysterious leopard is covered with black spots known as rosettes.
The gargantuan elephants are mellow titans, but can also get very hot and annoyed when they are rubbed the wrong way and in nature their size is a defense against potential predators.

Unfortunately elephants, regardless of their size, are not resistant to poaching. Due to the interest in ivory the elephant is threatened and thousands are poached every year for their tusks. Poaching threatens rhinos as well. These wonderful wild animals are the final member of the group. Game reserves place a heavy focus on conservation as these sites sometimes become the final measure for the wild animals of Africa. The conservation of all five creatures, as well as many others, is absolutely essential since they are all endangered by human interference.

These five animals constitute the Big 5. Each is spectacular and extraordinary in its own way and encountering any one of these creatures is a stunning adventure. The words South Africa, often conjure images of these wild animals. They rank so highly in the country that their pictures can even be found on the back of the nation’s money. If you find yourself in this gorgeous land, it is almost inevitable that you will find yourself going on safari.

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