What not do to on a safari in Africa

Going on a safari is definitely one of the best getaways ever!

What defines a great safari experience:

  • Exciting
  • Educational
  • Adventurous
  • Unique

To be able to make sure you had a great safari experience, there are a few things you should not do.

This is based on expertise advice and the good fortune of visiting reserves and esafarixperiencing the great safari adventure.

  1. Wildlife spotting Etiquette

Don’t expect to see all the animals on your first game drive, because you are not visiting a zoo. Your game guides will do their best to find every animal for you, however there are no guarantee that you will see everything. Make sure you tell your guide what you would like to see and what you have already seen on previous game drives.

  1. Never get out of the safari vehicle or car

Don’t become lunch. This is what happens when people fail to follow the rules. Remember you are in the wild and its their territory.

  1. Small children and long game drives are not friends

Get a private safari vehicle, as this will be better for everyone and you won’t make any enemies.

  1. If you know it all, don’t supersede the guide.

Don’t keep regaling the other visitors with your knowledge. Don’t ruin other guest safari experiences.

  1. Place your camera on mute.

The beep and click can become irritating for other guests with you.

  1. Tip your driver or ranger.

Tips makes a huge difference to their salaries and will boast their confidence, by knowing they did a good job, educating and showing you around.

  1. Only pack what you really need.

Don’t go a buy expensive safari gear. Simple get yourself comfortable cloths, that you don’t mind when it gets dusty.

If you have any questions about safaris, feel free to comment or email us.