Wildlife Native to the African Continent

Giraffes in Africa! 

Did you know giraffes are native to Africa! They run wild and stroll in open grass fields. These creatures will also survive in woodland areas and within savannahs.

They move according to the availability of food sources. Many often assume that since these animals eat leaves, that these animals would want to stay in forests. However, due to their high this is not a good idea. Plus, they need lots of room to move around and manoeuvre themselves.



What places wildlife such as giraffe under threat?

A well-known problem within the natural habitat continually shrinks due to mankind.  Meaning the habitat for giraffes and other wildlife get smaller by the day.  Thus, forcing them to go back to the same areas where they usually find food and doesn’t allow the area to grow back its lushes vegetation.

Did you know?  There are safe areas for these animals all around the world. These animals are well protected from any humans, hunting or any type of destruction.

Within these areas, giraffes and various other wildlife can roam freely and not worry about any destruction.

For these areas, such as private game reserves to survive, safaris will often be highlighted as the main activity. Giraffes are often used to seeing people or hearing vehicles and many are not afraid. There are meant researchers and conservationist that goes into these areas to observe various types of wildlife.

Do you know why giraffes are happy within the Klein Karoo?  These animals seem to thrive in hot areas. Giraffes also enjoys open spaces which allows them to have great sights for vast distances.

Have you witness a giraffe within the wild! What do you like most about these creatures? Tell us, what concerns you the most about the safety of wildlife in today’s life?