Walk with Giraffes

Wildlife Encounters at a Game Reserve in Africa

Visit an African game reserve and walk with giraffes – a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that you will always remember. Embarking on a game drive in the early morning will give you plenty of opportunity to see a wide variety of animals in the bush as they wake up for the day – or settle down to sleep! Whether nocturnal or diurnal you are sure of seeing many different animals as the cool morning breezes are ideal for the animals to start browsing, grazing or hunting. Predators prowl through the bush and herds gather at waterholes – ensuring plenty of excellent wildlife sightings and photo opps!

During the perfect moment your ranger could invite you to leap from the safari vehicle onto the open plains to walk with giraffes. Everything must be absolutely perfect though. You do not want to be charged by a rhino or set upon by an angry buffalo. And that is why you have the ranger with you. Besides all the interesting tales and fascinating information they share, they are there to keep you safe – this is the wild after all!

The elephant is not the one who should be called the gentle giant; rather it is the engaging giraffe that is deserving of the title. These graceful animals remain rather unperturbed at the presence of humans. That is not to say that sudden movement or loud noises will not startle them. So be sure to remain respectful of the animals and their home, or all you will see is the giraffe’s backside as it canters away into the distance.

The Tallest Animal in the World

Giraffes are nomadic and move freely from herd to herd. On a Cape Town game reserve there is but one herd, yet it is flourishing and you should not be surprised to find several young ones cantering amongst the herd. In moments of absolute luck you might even stumble upon a mother giving birth. The calves themselves are truly remarkable, tumbling to the ground two metres away and instantly getting up to explore the world.

Now is your chance to explore with them the many wonders of nature, which may be as new to you as it is to the baby giraffes. You will be astounded as you watch the ease and grace with which these babies adapt to their world; and you will be amazed as their much taller parents wrap their long tongues around the thorny acacia leaves and grasp leaves off the topmost branches.

In Africa you could be lucky enough to see the fastest living land animal, the cheetah, run; the biggest land animal, the elephant, stampede through the bush and now, at a Cape Town game reserve, you can walk with the tallest land animal in the world: the giraffe.

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